There Are No Soul Mates

Who you gonna love couple on phones (2)

Who you gonna love? is a mind-boggling question.

It relates to good vibes in physical attraction, mindfulness, education and timeliness. The question clamors for good vibes in communication, sexiness, friends and family too.  All this information about your possible “Other” needs to be collected and analyzed by YOU.  It needs to be applied for best results.

When you’ve come to the answer, you’ll find you’ve analyzed YOU too.  Whether you think you’ve got your first boyfriend, are newly wedded, LGBT or known to be too picky, this read will hand over information on what lies beneath.

Prepare to latch onto ways of adapting yourself. THERE ARE NO SOULMATES who’ll magically appear on your path. But here you’ll quickly be able to sort choices using personality tests and descriptions.  Thread your needle with relationship research reports not generally available to the public.

There is no magical thinking required yet you’ll have a super fun time sorting.

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